25/09/2020 – Two in Six

We just wanted to keep our lovely Friends, Family & Sponsors abreast of our plans given the second postponement of the 2020 London Marathon on Sunday 4 October 2020.

We have entered the 2020 LM Virtual race on Sunday week. This means we will go out on the day and complete the 26 Mile Marathon distance locally to us. 

We will be still running the actual race which is now deferred to October 2021 and our sponsorship pages will remain open until the event. Our charity fundraising links are in the menu above.

Additionally, on Saturday 10 October, we have both joined the Palace South London Marathon March, in a team with our friends Kate Thompson and Si Higgins, who many of you know. It has just been confirmed that this event will go-ahead after the recent increase in COVID restrictions.

This means we will be covering TWO Marathon distances in the space of SIX days… Help!

The CPFC Marathon March is a charity fundraiser for the Palace for Life Foundation – helping disadvantaged South Londoners grow through sport. More information on this charity can be found on the fundraising page for our team: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/justonelombardo

If anyone has a few bob to spare to donate to our ‘Just One Lombardo’ team effort that would be absolutely amazing.  And yes, this update has been shamelessly timed to co-incide with payday!    

Once again, huge thanks to all our wonderful sponsors who have already donated to our London Marathon efforts. We will do our best to make you proud both in the coming month and when the actual race is finally run.

Say Hi to Paul!

P.S. We now have an added Team Member! Please welcome our mate, Paul Signoretti. Paul had originally hoped to join us but the event clashed with another run he had already entered. Unfortunately that event fell victim to the increased COVID restrictions, but it’s worked out well as he’s now able to join us.