London 2016

12/2/16 – The Elmers End Riot

OMG! I’m so bloody excited (sorry for the swear, but I am that excited… indeed, I just had to stop myself from dropping the F Bomb). Regular readers of this blog and those of you you know me will know that my favourite all-time band is Carter USM and I’m lucky enough to know the guys personally.

I am, therefore, absolutely blown away to announce that Jim Bob and Fruitbat (Les) have very kindly allowed me to sell a download album of the unique gig they performed in my back garden five years ago, in aid of our Charities.


The 13 track album is available here:
from today for a minimum donation of a fiver.

All proceeds from downloaded albums will be equally split between Independent Age and St Christopher’s Hospice.

Massive thanks to Jim and Les for this very kind gesture and to my Marathon-running Guru and Carter’s Manager, Marc (who has made a brilliant video on Carter’s Facebook page), for having this amazing idea and making it happen. We love you guys xx