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25/12/2015 – Merry Christmas Everybody

Well since I won’t be formerly launched this blog until the New Year, ‘Everybody’ currently consists of about five people, but hey, you get my drift…

Christmas morning can only mean one thing: parkrun, of course.

Christmas Morning 2015

And here we are.. ready to run around boggy Lloyd Park with 140 other like-minded souls. The course was actually not so bad as I feared it might be and my 33:50 time was in the mid zone for me at Lloyd when the mud is down. The continuing mild weather meant the novelty Santa Hat quickly became a very sweaty and unwelcome addition to my usual mode. Won’t be falling for that again next year. Bah, humbug.

Earlier in the week, the last swim of 2015 (probably)  ended with a decent 32:20 time, but an ominous tightening in the Hammies, leading to a regime of midweek stretching and massaging on non-run days. At least Christmas Day’s run was unhampered, well aside from that bloody Santa Hat!