London 2016

3/12/15 – Nu Shooz

A trip uptown today to Sweatshop, hopefully to get the trainers that I will run the Marathon in next year. Okay not strictly true, as I’ll get another identical pair on the internet once I’m sure they are the right pair for me.

I’ve never really taken the time to try out a few different pairs on a treadmill and have proper moulded insoles made, I’ve just grabbed a pair that assistant recommends based on a quick gait analysis. Luckily, it’s an approach that’s worked.

I quite enjoyed the experience and Sue was getting hers too, so we ended up spending a fair bit of time in the shop. The treadmill running was made slightly more tricky by the consumption of a few Gluhwein’s on the Southbank. No ideal prep, it must be said.

I ended up with a pair of New Balance something-or-others in a rather lurid Sky Blue. Ideally, I’d like to trial them over the weekend, but we are away in North Wales intending on doing an unfamiliar Parkrun and the weather forecast isn’t good, so will stick on waterproofs.

I’ll save the new pair for a road run when I’m back home next week, hopefully, that’ll add another boost to my time.  Well, I can dream can’t I?